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February Open Print competition

Whilst the audience for the evening was smaller than in recent weeks, entries for both colour and mono sections in the February Open print Competition were more than usual. Distinguished judges Sue O’Connell (ARPS, EFIAP/plat, DPAGB BPE5*) and Peter Brisley (ARPS, DPAGB, BPEI*) had deliberated long and hard over the entries and had a clear idea of what they were looking for in those that received the awards. Impressed with the variety of prints entered, together with the creative choice of titles, the judges’ stated personal preferences for paper choice and mount board had some of us reconsidering our current stock, as well as reflecting on the finer points of angle of view and chosen subject matter that needed to be revisited to be improved.

In the colour section Sue displayed a sharp eye for detail, looking for focus, separation and strong composition. She took the time to give detailed and insightful feedback with an over riding mantra that “simple is all you need”. Bill Collett received two Commendations together with Ivy Goatcher, and David Chown. Highly Commended were Geoff Noad, Jane Richardson and Suzanne Ladd with very creative submissions, and Jill Toman whose images from her recent Cambodian trip went down well. Geoff Noad’s photo elasticity tryptic gained 3rd place, with Ivy Goatcher’s ”Newcastle at Night” taking 2nd and Jill Toman’s action packed “Sidecar Racing” chosen as the eventual winner.

Judging the mono section, Peter was looking to see what the images gained from being presented in black and white in terms of mood, and his feedback was particularly useful in terms of post-production critique as well as individual viewpoint. John Cooper, Geoff Noad, Diana Walker and Ivy Goatcher were all Commended. Suzanne Ladd and Bill Collett were Highly Commended together with two images by Jill Toman. 3rd place went to Ivy Goatcher for “Angel of the North” and 2nd place to David Chown for his “Reflections of a Shattered Mind”. Bill Collett was deservedly awarded 1st for his image of the “Swimmer”.

It was really good to see entries from many whose efforts are not often seen on competition nights, and from relatively new members. It was equally rewarding to see the images that had resulted from members learning and applying new skills and creative thought following practical sessions in December.