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Pamela takes the stage!

A photographer's journey from shoes to sea otters!
Pamela Bruce-Lockhart is a relatively recent addition to our membership having contacted us through the website initially, and then decided to stick with us. She is supportive of all our efforts, and attends regularly, taking part in competitions now, and bringing some great conversations and reflection to the regular evenings at the Social Club. Until now she has not led a member’s evening, but we were pleased that she took the plunge on Thursday last, and put together a three-part presentation that showed us quite a range of interests and exhibited an artistic talent that has developed over a number of years.

Pamela is a quietly assertive character, who vastly underplays her photography work, but she provided us with an evening’s entertainment featuring a range of photos that took us to places across the world to which she has travelled, and ably demonstrated a learning journey that started with a basic camera at the age of four, that failed to capture the Queen in all her glory, but caught the glamour of her shoes!

Pamela also tells a really good story, and travelling often alone, she has the knack of charming the local people into sating her palate and pandering to her passions for fish and quality coffee- sometimes to considerable excess! Her narrative was entertaining and her photos of light on landscapes in the deserts of Oman as well as the stars of the Bengali night skies were often surprising in their compositions and colour. Whilst street photography may well not be her forte, Pamela undoubtedly has an eye for a stranded fishing boat, the allure of the sand dunes as well as the faces of the people she meets. Her final presentation featured a range of wildlife both captive and running free, and a theme emerged entitled “Head to Head” where we were treated to some close ups of horses of the Camargue, racing camels in Oman and harvest mice on English blackberries. It was a very pleasant evening, and one after which we feel we know Pamela rather better than we did previously. It left us anticipating her future contributions.

Our annual exhibition will keep us busy on Saturday, and then next week we look forward to our outside speaker, Pamela Jones, with tales and photos of “Ladakh”.