During the ban on public meetings during the CORONAVIRUS crisis it has been necessary to try and provide club interaction on a VIRTUAL PLATFORM.
We are currently experimenting with the use of ZOOM and the following article should help interested members empower themselves to take part in what is on offer.
Zoom Video Conferencing
Published 17/04/2020 | By Jenny Short

We are using as our platform for hosting multi-way video meetings with members and our committee.

Benefits of Zoom for our members:
• Free for Participants (and Jenny is investigating a host account that removes all time limits)
• No need for participants to register or enter any email or personal details
• Easy to set up and join – (just need meeting and pass codes from organiser via email or phone)
• Option to share view of desktop
• It just works! For all platforms (Windows, Mac, smartphones, iPad)
• Superfast broadband not essential
• Safe – you are always in control – no adverts, spam or nagging

You require some form of webcam and microphone. Most modern laptops have an integrated camera and microphone. (Camera is usually a small diameter hole above the screen). Desktop PCs typically normally use an external camera/microphone plugged into a USB port. If you don’t have a camera/microphone, you can simply set up a smartphone/iPad/Tablet in addition to your PC to give you a microphone and camera link. Also worthwhile having a normal phone nearby in case you need to contact the meeting host whilst getting the initial connection.

We recommend everyone downloads and installs the free Zoom cloud meeting app on their device(s) before starting the meeting so you can test it along with your audio and video connection.

Ring Jenny (07782256322 or e mail to resolve any difficulties or to arrange to have a trial go.

If any members would like to suggest activities we can set up using Zoom for Virtual meetings during Coronavirus Lockdown, please contact Jenny
Zoom has simplified introduction/tutorials on their web page but even better can be found via Pinner Camera Club who have a page dedicated to Zoom with specific instructions and screen shots for Windows, Apple and iPads. We are very grateful to them for this and their help. They are already running meetings and competitions on-line.
In case anyone is concerned about newspaper reports of security issues with Zoom, please be assured that these do not relate to the way we will be using it.

This is an overview for you in its simplest form:

Using Zoom for Dummies

When you are connected to a Zoom © Meeting, there are a couple of things you need to know. Speakers, headphones or other way of hearing what others are saying are required, but you don’t need a microphone. The Zoom Meeting has a ‘Chat’ facility built in. To access that simply move your mouse to the bottom of the screen where a popup bar will appear. The second icon from the right will say ‘Chat’. Simply click on that and you can type text in the window at the bottom to send message either to everyone or to a specific person. On the popup menu bar, the last icon on the right is labelled ‘Record’. This will allow the meeting to be recorded for future playback. To use this ability, you will need to request the Meeting Host to enable it for you. On the left hand side of the popup menu, you have two buttons. The first button will switch on or off your microphone and the second will do the same for any video camera you have attached. That’s it. Enjoy the meeting and don’t forget to participate

A more comprehensive Guide to the use of ZOOM has been e mailed to all current members and is available from Jenny on request. In the meantime
Pinner Camera Club ( ) in its HOME RESOURCES section has specific links that will help people using a PC, Apple Mac, or ipad as the set ups are slightly different. I recommend you take a look.

I need to thank and acknowledge the Shaftesbury and the Pinner Camera Clubs for making the information I am sharing with you all so readily available.