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Signets on the Bishop's Palace moat in Wells.

Missed the BLOG DAY!

Busy week!
Was so busy this week, especially yesterday when I finally got to walk in Wells again after two whole months, that I forgot the BLOG! Here it is Thursday already so this will be brief. My walk round the moat was so lovely- not a Kingfisher to be seen for once , but the swans were magnificent with 6 signets gliding up and down (apparently there were 7 but the adults chose to reject one poor little chap and so Gulliver, as he is now called, has been rescued by the Vets and is a happy little bunny although in a form of lockdown I suppose.

Anyway, the pics are coming in for the Food Challenge and each member attending the ZOOM tonight will get to talk about ONE of them- perhaps the most challenging or the favourite- it's their choice! jill will do a session for us NEXT Thursday on landscape Photography and the fiollowing week's challenge will focus on ourt ;earning from that. in the meantime