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The group gets creative with impressionist images !

Networking through the lockdown is good!
The weeks seem to fly by at the moment - whenever did I have time to work! With new Challenges to set weekly and comments on those completed there is much to do.

The gallery for VIEWPOINT proved popular and it is good to see that despite our ages some of us can still get down low and then back up again! This week we are trying some ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) in order to make the creative juices flow! Comments coming in suggest this is one we are all pretty new to , but enjoying so keep the images coming. I have discovered a distant relative in Scotland who does a lot of this type of photography according to my uncle. You might want to look up his website (Alisdhair Nuall) for a few ideas? I have also come across a Facebook Group dedicated to Impressionist Photography ( and called that) instigated by Eva Polak. It is also worth looking her up too if you want to pursue the ideas as she has a free 14 day course and an e book to accompany it.- That's me sorted for another fourteen days then !

I am looking forward to this Thursday when we are meeting up again on Zoom for 40 minutes- this time we start at 7pm remember so we can all go and clap the NHS afterwards. Please can anyone with ideas, either for Challenges in the future (I still have lots up my sleeve but welcome your ideas as I am somewhat biased in my subject choices!) or for what we might do on any Thursday Zoom meetings (other than discussing the Challenges,) possibly someone leading a specific session (?) , please make them known. I am so hoping that by September we will be able to meet up again at the club, but who knows? I am already thinking how I might be planning a practical session as per the programme so that I can either do it in person or virtually if I have to, which should be fun !

I am pleased to report that I had a long conversation with Margot in the past week. She seems to be doing well with support from neighbours and her immediate family. She also really appreciates the regular contact with Bill. Whilst reluctant to join us (yet) on Zoom, she is considering using Mike's computer for that purpose rather than her own at some point. I have offered to give her a lesson in advance, so fingers crossed it won't be too long She really says that the current activity on the website means she still feels she is in contact, and involved with the club, which makes it more than worthwhile. She also says she is more than happy for the display boards to be stored in her shed for as long as she is there, so we can take that off the to do list.

I now have 101 things to do so will get on with it. Stay safe and keep snapping