BLOG > Members pay tribute to long time Society member, Mike Witcome.
"Portrait of Chantal" by the late Mike Witcome who sadly died April 2nd 2020.

Members pay tribute to long time Society member, Mike Witcome.

One of Mike's entries into past competitions: "Chantal"
As Chair of NRPS, I have , with a little help, put together a Tribute to Mike Witcome following his untimely death at the beginning of the month. His funeral was on Wednesday last (22nd). I hope that the photo of "Chantal" that accompanies this BLOG, together with the one posted with the club's official, heartfelt tribute to him, effectively illustrates Mike's skills and enduring interest in fashion and glamour photography.The article about Mike's association with NRPS is now a permanent feature in a specially created section,TRIBUTES, on the website. I have also added a brief detail in the section entitled "The Club Appreciates" so that it is updated and continues to make sense. Thanks to those who gave me ideas for this, or have fed back on the draft I read out at the Committee Meeting, before finalising and publishing yesterday. I hope Margot approves, and I like to think it would have brought a smile to Mike's face too.

I cannot believe it is Wednesday again- how the weeks are flying by! Still in lockdown, we continue talking about how to keep the interest levels up, so that we have a thriving organisation to come back to, whenever small gatherings are allowed again. Margot tells me that whilst she is reluctant to jeopardise her ageing computer with ZOOM meetings, nevertheless she follows our challenges and regular news from home.

Our Virtual meetings on a Thursday are proving popular, so we will keep those going through May, with different ideas for focuses. All ideas welcomed!!! I was attending the Virtual AGM of Warminster last night, and they were interested to hear of our activities in this respect. Looking at what to do the longer this goes on, they liked what we are doing, (especially as meetings are not formal presentation or competitions like theirs currently are,) they wondered if at some point, maybe in the summer months, we could arrange to have members of each of the clubs (Warminster and NRPS) in a Virtual meet up with a common theme or focus- I think it's a great idea.

Any thoughts from you? It can be done on either Zoom or Cisco Webex very easily. I will be talking to Huw Alban and Marny, their new Chair, if we decide to pursue.

We held a Committee meeting successfully on Monday, with all except Diana managing to attend. Ivy was there in voice only as no camera was available, but we had some good ideas discussed, and I am confident there is a really strong will to come through this, whenever that might be , as a group that continues to thrive. Jill has put together a good programme for us, which is provisional of course, but at least we have one ! The ideas that have evolved from Dan's meetings with the Community Officer will really give us lots to think about and plan for, so watch the space for more news of that. Committee minutes will be circulated at some point.

Thanks for the responses to the COOL AS ICE Challenge. The Gallery looks good, and the critique is coming in as we speak! Do take a look and add to this, as those who submit pictures really like the feedback. I certainly find it really helpful, so keep them coming till Thursday 6pm. This week's challenge I hope will fuel the discussions on Thursday evening, as members talk about their approaches to taking pictures from a different POINT OF VIEW- I now realise how little I get down low- but age prohibits getting up again, and more than once this week I have found myself rolling around on my back, or staggering with camera held aloft!! Take care all you oldies like me! We don't want any CHALLENGE casualties!! This is our 6th challenge! Hope it is making a difference to your skills! Do make the most of the EGGS Gallery as that will be the next one to come down as more photos come in weekly.

Stay safe, and I shall see/hear you on Thursday I hope. Remember, the details of the invite link are on Jill's earlier e mail this week.