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Back to meetings!

The group responds to the challenge of ZOOM!
It was really good that so many managed to join the club's first Virtual Meeting last Thursday with very few technical hitches! Everyone seemed pleased to see and hear each other again , and all managed to share pictures of the walks they had been on in the previous week, expanding the three photos they had submitted to the Challenge Gallery to around a dozen. We agreed to try another on Thursday 23rd, and the focus of this, at Janice's suggestion, is that we each bring two photos to the meeting of which we are proud, for whatever reason, and share and explain the thinking and the reasons for the favouritism. I am really looking forward to it!

As a result of this success with the technology, we shall also be holding a Committee meeting, originally planned for 20th April but now arranged in Zoom for 27th at 7.30pm. That should be interesting- but not as ambitious as Warminster , who are attempting their AGM in the Virtual Arena! I gather the MPs at Westminster are similarly getting into Zoom as we speak!! I have now heard from Dan, who as a Key Worker is very busy, and he will be at our Committee meeting which is great. I am hoping that Ivy will be able to join us too even if she cannot get the visuals working, we should be able to hear her over the phone.

I have had lots of appreciative comments about the subject matter of this week's CHALLENGE which is entitled "Cool as Ice", but as yet no images have reached me, and the only ones posted in the gallery so far are my own! I know others have been beavering away , and the sales of distilled or deionised water have gone up locally as a result ! It really is quite addictive, (the challenge , not the water!) and although I have done it once before with some success, the chance to practise further this week with all the time in hand , has been very welcome and I am really pleased with some of the shots. I am still missing the cricket season though, I have to say.

Anyway, I look forward to receiving said images by Thursday 6pm, so I can get them into the Gallery for comments on Friday as usual. Make sure you have seen the images in the EGG gallery by then as they will have to be taken down to make space for the ICE, and also ensure all comments you want to make on the Take A Walk challenge have been written in time for my Friday's RECENT NEWS.

Stay safe and keep snapping!

Jenny (22.04.2020)