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To Zoom or not to Zoom?

Onwards and upwards with the technology!

Virtual meetings- are these a possibility?
15th April 2020:

This from Margot in our message box : " I am enjoying seeing all the entries I feel it is keeping me In touch with the club. The entries are all interesting with lots of imagination and time spent on them, some very clever ideas." How nice to hear from her !!

Isn’t the weather glorious! For me it is such a shame that the cricket season start has been delayed this year as this time last year we sat in the pouring rain in April twice before a single ball was bowled at Taunton!

Hope you all had a good Easter weekend- I still have problems remembering which day it is under these conditions-woke up today thinking it was Thursday! However, we are really lucky to have great walks on our immediate doorstep, so I have been able to get out and clicking. I hope you have too, and if you have not already sent me your three pics for the Challenge “Walk” then make sure you do so before 6pm tomorrow, Thursday. Take a look at the ones already in the album and please comment on last week’s Egg Challenge so I can post them and we can all enjoy the feedback.

We are trying a Virtual meeting on Zoom this week and if you want to join in then you will need to let me know by the end of today, so that I can send you the access link. I am hoping that on Thursday at 7.30 participants might be able to show some photos (up to 12) from the walk(s) they have done for the CHALLENGE, and then we might see what else we could do on a Thursday for 40 minutes meet up in the future Get your thinking caps on.

I told you last week about Tim Shields’ PHOTO COOKBOOK and I do like the ideas he has in there. Each simple “recipe” for success has an associated QR code linked to a video to expand the idea. I rather like the recipe that helps you do a routine check on your camera before you start clicking, to make sure your settings have not inadvertently been kept at whatever they were the last time you snapped. He uses the acronym F.I.R.E.B.A.S.E as an aide memoire as follows :

F= focus Is the focus point set right? Is it manual or auto
I= ISO Is it where you want it to be set?
R = RAW I shoot RAW not JPG- is it set?
E= EV Is your EV at zero and not at either under or over exposed to compensate?
B = Bracketing If you used it last time is it off now?
A = Aperture Is the f stop value set to capture DOF you want ?
S= Shutter speed Is it where you want it ?
E = Excruciating Is your attention to detail at an excruciatingly high level?

Many times in the past I have clicked away at say a cricket match and not realised at first that one of the settings was still one I had previously used for landscapes or macro!!

As an aside….. can I suggest that you take a look at the fascinating work of Bruce Boyd,
a S African photographer, who captures images of flowers in frozen blocks of ice?

Stay safe.
Jenny x