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Janice's Water Droplets - see album for all submissions.

So far so good!

Members are active and engaged in keeping focused on their photography albeit in isolation.

And to all those who took up the Challenge on Waterdroplets and made some great comments that I could feed back to photographers, a big thank you. It kept me busy . Jane Lewis (bless her) misread the instructions on feedback and has only now furnished me with hers so I have added them to last weeks RECENT NEWS for you all to take a look!!

This week's Challenge has been to really get sharp focus on Garden Birds. No excuses-get them in by Thursday 6pm. You have a day and a half ! All the birds seem to be in Graham's garden, as he has sent me loads- I am going to have to slow him down a bit!!! Anyway, I got practising, and was quite pleased to see improvements- let me know what you think in your comments- which I am happy to receive on ALL the submissions after 6pm Thursday.

I got a bit sick of Goldfinches and have been missing keeping up with the pairs on the moat in Wells because of isolation, so put out a call on Cranmore FB page to ask if the Kingfisher that once resided on the pond and then disappeared about 18 months ago, had been seen lately, and apparently he has! So... I aim to get over there later (walk in isolation across the fields and then lurk by the pub). Will post in the Gallery before 6pm tomorrow if I am lucky enough to see him. In the meantime......If after this week you still need some inspiration on Wildlife Photography, Google Chas Glatzer' s Shoot the Light portfolio and also take a look at the work of Frederico Veronese who does stunning African Wildlife .

Today, as well as the Kingfisher effort, I want to take a picture in which I fill the frame with colour, then I want to sort out my ideas for the new Challenge to post on Friday. You might guess that soon I would throw in a Still Life type Challenge, and in thinking maybe I would, I came across a You Tube clip "Still Life Contemporary Dutch Photography" which has quite a modern slant, and does some interesting things with a potato! You might want to Google that too!

Anyway, I hope you are keeping well and busy. I am certainly focusing on trying to learn more photographic skills and hope that by engaging in the Challenges you might be finding some stuff out that you otherwise might not have done. I have asked Diana to comment on the Garden Birds gallery after Thursday, and am hoping she might submit one of her own so we can all comment on that too!! Don't forget we want your opinions too even if you have not submitted this week!

Stay focused and safe, and if you have any ideas you want me to include in my blog , which I plan to do every Wednesday to pass the time, drop me an e mail and I shall see what I can do.