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Last game of the season.

Members rise to the Weekly Challenge

One of a few rugby shots from a couple of weeks ago in Sherborne's last match.
Most NRPS members are now isolating at home like me and welcomed the first NRPS Weekly Photographic Challenge, which was to capture water droplets and the results of their efforts can now be seen in the Gallery section. Comments on the photos are beginning to come in and are posted as they arrive in the most recent article in RECENT NEWS. A new Challenge has been issued, and I look forward to filling the gallery “Garden Birds” with images and hearing from members about how they found it.

Confined as I am to the immediate locality with just Frank for company, I am sure that like many members, I am glad I have a hobby to fall back on and fill the days so I am not simply going through the motions of domesticity! With lots of time and opportunity now on my hands I find I have the luxury of trying to improve my skills. This week’s Challenge arose after Jane Richardson and I made a trip to the lakeside hide in The Chew Valley last week, before the “driving somewhere nice to walk” syndrome was banned. It was grey and cold and I was frustrated by my inability to get sharp focus on even the birds that were sitting ducks on the surface bobbing around. So I have spent this week in the garden sunshine trying to improve, having researched on the Internet, watched a few U Tubes and practising…..a lot!

I did try and go onto a webinar with Tinmanlee- a notable Wildlife Photographer in USA but mistook the hour of 5pm Pacific Standard Time for 9pm our time instead of midnight! However I did pick up an interesting tip on photographing wild birds from his Facebook page which I ** on the CHALLENGE page and promised to share here once you had tried a few strategies first. It goes like this and it worked for me:

Set up camera on tripod and use manual focus to pre-focus on the perch where the bird is expected.
Use manual mode and set aperture of 5.6 with shutter speed 1/500th and ISO Auto
THEN dial in + 2/3 compensation which will let in more light and keep shutter speed up.

Try it, it worked for me!

What else might you be interested in?

For those who got into the landscapes with vegetables as done by Warner, you might be interested in the Japanese photographer, Tatsuya Tanaka, who specialises in mini worlds using models and everyday objects as scenery.

Equally interesting is the Light on Landscape work of Tony and Eva Worobeic. Tony gave a presentation at Warminster Camera Club recently which was impressive. Look them all up on the web. The landscapes are stunning and the mini worlds intriguing.

I intend to post a BLOG weekly if I can, and would welcome any suggestions from members as to what to include that might be of interest – just e mail me and I will do what I can. Equally, you may have an existing Gallery in the Member Gallery area of our website, and want to update the images therein. I can allow 12 images each, so if you send new stuff to me and say what you want removed, I can do that for you . If you do not currently have a Gallery, but would like one in which to display your work, let me know, send me up to 12 images, and I will sort it.

PLEASE make sure you resize each one so the height is no more than 800, and then label the image as follows: Title_Your_Name

e.g. Hyacinth_Jenny_Short (with words separated by underscores) as then I can immediately upload without delay and it will display properly.

Good luck with the isolation-stay safe as you can. Stay focused with the photography improvements, and keep checking the website when you are bored!