In the early months of 2021 CHALLENGE is being resurrected to build on the enthusiasm of members during the latest Covid Lockdown, encouraging them to learn new skills and show their work to colleagues for comment.

    The CHALLENGES will be posted on Fridays. Members are invited by 6pm the following Thursday to submit their three best images to be displayed in a Gallery for critique and comment thereafter.

    In the week following the submissions for each challenge please take a moment to appreciate the work of members, and add constructive , helpful comments suggesting possible improvements VIA THE CONTACT US section by the next Thursday (deadline 6pm). I will then upload all the comments on the Friday morning to feature in a RECENT NEWS under the Weekly Challenge header.

    I hope that the photographers will stay focused and continue to click away merrily!
    Challenge for 2 weeks w/b 7th May 2021 is SLOW SHUTTER SPEEDS

    This time the challenge is to compose and present three images inspired by the abstraction and sports action photos that featured in the recent talk by Les Loosemore. You have two weeks to have a go !

    Slow shutter speed is a vast area with huge creative potential. It might be useful to do a bit of research on the techniques before we venture out but bear in mind the following tips if nothing else:

    • A good rule of thumb is to remember that to avoid camera shake you need to take account of the focal length you are using and set the speed of shutter accordingly. Thus at 20mm the lowest speed without shake is around 1/20th sec whilst using 200mm the slowest would be 1/200th sec.

    • Generally speaking this type of technique to be really dynamic demands shutter speeds of between 1/40th and 1/2sec

    • You will get MOTION BLUR if you keep the camera still and allow the subject(s) to move through the frame e.g at a train station or in a busy market square- often a good idea to have one stationary object in the frame as contrast.

    • PANNING will result in a sharply focused object if you follow it and a blurred background as in a fast passing car or cyclist or even a slower moving pedestrian

    • ZOOMING in out out whilst depressing the shutter or ROTATING the camera will produce Kinetic Movement that is highly abstract

    • LONG EXPOSURES IN DAYLIGHT will show movement in clouds, rivers and waterfalls. You will need about 15 secs to flatten the sea and 1-5 secs to blur the waterfalls.

    Send three choices from your attempts to me either through CONTACT US or directly in the accompanying e mail so I can put it into the most RECENT NEWS for others to read.
    So, three images on the theme by Thursday 20th 6pm please. Do keep your ideas for walks coming as well.

    Just a reminder NB Please can you save me a bit of time and extra work by;

    1. resizing your pics so that the HEIGHT is no more than 800 as that is what is needed for the images to display properly on phones etc.
    2. giving the image a title as follow with your name included: Your_Title_Thus_Your_Name

    One or two people are still forgetting to resize and NAME their images

    Many thanks - I think we all got some good ideas from Les for this challenge as well as for our upcoming competition ABSTRACTION. Let's get out there and enjoy the moments.

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