In the early months of 2021 CHALLENGE is being resurrected to build on the enthusiasm of members during the latest Covid Lockdown, encouraging them to learn new skills and show their work to colleagues for comment.

    The CHALLENGES will be posted on Fridays. Members are invited after two weeks by 6pm on Thursday to submit their three best images to be displayed in a Gallery for critique and comment thereafter.

    In the week following the submissions for each challenge please take a moment to appreciate the work of members, and add constructive , helpful comments suggesting possible improvements VIA THE CONTACT US section by the next Thursday (deadline 6pm). I will then upload all the comments on the Friday morning to feature in a RECENT NEWS under the Weekly Challenge header.

    I hope that the photographers will stay focused and continue to click away merrily!
    [b] Challenge : From July 1st to 20th.

    Still accepting photos for other recent GALLERIES and am happy to receive any that members took at Warminster or they can keep and show themselves . When I get the link from Marny I will send it out.

    Warminster Camera Club asked me if NRPS members might be interested in the Treasure Hunt they have organised for their members . 7 of us went in respionse to this :

    I received this in an e mail:

    You have lots of time to get together in groups or singly to explore the centre of Warminster and find out some odd facts and information, to answer the clues and take some images as listed. Images and answers by 20 July please. Family and friends welcome, maybe NRPS need an outing to Warminster (?)

    She attached a map of Warminster, with route to be covered, coffee shops and car parking marked., several clues to find answers and a list of images to take. On Tuesday 20th July the images will feature in their Zoom at 7.30 to which we would be invited.

    IT WAS FUN - thanks to all that took part.

    Just a reminder when sending me picsNB Please can you save me a bit of time and extra work by;

    1. resizing your pics so that the HEIGHT is no more than 800 as that is what is needed for the images to display properly on phones etc.
    2. giving the image a title as follow with your name included: Your_Title_Thus_Your_Name

    One or two people are still forgetting to resize and NAME their images

    Many thanks - I think we should get some good photos out of this!

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