The weekly challenge is being generated to combat the isolation that has arisen as a result of the Coronovirus outbreak that has temporarily closed our programme. members are invited every Friday to take on a photographic challenge, and by Thursday 6pm the following week to e mail Jenny Short the best 3 photographs you manage in response to the challenge as set. These will be placed in a weekly album as I receive them . Albums will remain on the site for 4 weeks

In the week following the submissions for each challenge:
1. Please take a moment to appreciate the work of members, and add constructive , helpful comments suggesting possible improvements VIA THE CONTACT US section by the following Thursday 6pm. I will then upload all the comments on the Friday morning in RECENT NEWS under the Challenge header.
2. A new Challenge will then be set every Friday morning at the same time- so get on with that one too .

I hope that the photographers will benefit from this feedback as well as learn new skills from each of the challenges. I also hope it relieves the boredom of isolation and keeps the club going in difficult times!

(Easter is coming but that is not why I chose the theme ! Please interpret in your own way but most of all learn something new this week by engaging !)

I came across a video called "Still Life Contemporary Dutch Photography" (Google it on You Tube) that I recommend you have a look at to get ideas for this challenge going. It features the still life photography of a number of contemporary Dutch photographers. Note what some of them do with a single potato and just light. The theme is that they "just experiment in their studios" and this is what I want you to do this week using just an egg or a number of eggs. No need for elaborate lighting set ups just use what you have in the way of lamps and torches. There is another great little video that I suggest you have a look at. Google You Tube "Remember the Egg" and watch the simple techniques that are suggested using very simple lighting- and don't forget natural light from a window too.

After that you might want to search the internet for ideas. I Googled " using eggs in still life photography" and there are lots of things to get you thinking in something called the "Egg Photography Project" which is well worth a look. Anyway the challenge is to think simple, still life images using egg(s) and I will leave it up to you !

Kit :Macro is obviously good but anything between 24-100mm will work. If it is too telephoto you will find indoors too limiting.

Try : f5.6 , ISO 100, for starters , and use a tripod and a delayed shutter or remote release. I also use Mirror Lock up and turn stabilisers off if on tripod but don't worry if you don't use those.

Play around with the direction of the light on just one egg and the effects it has and also if using multiple eggs, or if they are part of a bigger still life assembly try different f stops to vary how much or how little is in deliberate focus.

Choose your 3 best shots, THEN: (and a small number of you are forgetting this) resize so height is no more than 800, and name it as follows Title_Your_Name (That's an underscore between words btw) and send it to me by Thursday next by 6pm. I shall load images submitted into the STILL LIFE WITH EGGS CHALLENGE album and hope that members will make comments via CONTACT US throughout the following week that are helpful in improving skills.

Good luck with the Challenge for this week, but in the meantime, please comment on last week's efforts. People really DO appreciate you taking the time.