The weekly challenge is being generated to combat the isolation that has arisen as a result of the Coronovirus outbreak that has temporarily closed our programme. members are invited every Friday to take on a photographic challenge, and by Thursday 6pm the following week to e mail Jenny Short the best 3 photographs you manage in response to the challenge as set. These will be placed in a weekly album as I receive them . Albums will remain on the site for 4 weeks

In the week following the submissions for each challenge:
1. Please take a moment to appreciate the work of members, and add constructive , helpful comments suggesting possible improvements VIA THE CONTACT US section by the following Thursday 6pm. I will then upload all the comments on the Friday morning in RECENT NEWS under the Challenge header.
2. A new Challenge will then be set every Friday morning at the same time- so get on with that one too .

I hope that the photographers will benefit from this feedback as well as learn new skills from each of the challenges. I also hope it relieves the boredom of isolation and keeps the club going in difficult times!
Friday 10th July Challenge: To CAPTURE ATMOSPHERE OR EMOTION

Sometimes photos stand out from others by virtue of their power to communicate clearly to the viewer. Communicating a certain mood or atmosphere is not always easy , but it is the subject of the club challenge for the coming week.

The CHALLENGE this week is to produce three images that clearly convey some sort of atmosphere/mood or emotion. The choice of subjects is a personal one and once chosen, two of the three images should be presented to the gallery with a title that reflects the atmosphere/emotion/mood. Then the third image will simply be noted by the photographer's name and the number 3. The task on Thursday will be for those who meet over Zoom to give their opinions on what they THINK the photographer is trying to convey.

Use the internet to investigate the genres as I have this morning to get initial ideas. The goal should be to use lighting to good effect so that warm cozy atmospheres are best lit with soft, diffused light. perhaps try photographing the subject with the sun behind it; you might also use lens flare creatively to produce an atmosphere/mood of your choice. Low light situations like those at bonfires and candlelit celebrations allow lots of possibilities and thinking of the direction that the light is coming from will be key. Wide apertures suggest a sense of closeness and intimacy, and judicious use of bokeh is another technique to consider.

Capturing the hugs, the smiles and the tears of others will step up the degree of emotion conveyed and these shots are usually candid. It may well be that the textures we looked at can add the feelings of grit/ determination to an image. Muted colours suggest a reflective mood, maybe tinged with sadness or a sense of calm whilst bright use of colour will convey energy and happiness.

The weather is likely to influence the "feel" of a photo so pay attention to those clouds. the rain may induce sadness, the fog suggest lonliness whilst snow may make us feel peaceful and serene. The advice is to simplify for really calm images and to chase the colours of the rainbow-red for power, orange for warmth, pink for femininity, white for purity, green for growth and black for mystery! The possibilities are endless so get cracking and let's see what you can do!

Choose your 3 shots, THEN: resize so height is no more than 800, and name it as follows Title_Your_Name (That's an underscore between words btw) and send it to me by Thursday next by 6pm. I shall load images submitted into the ATMOSPHERE AND EMOTION album and hope that members will make comments via CONTACT US throughout the following week that are helpful in improving skills.
People really DO appreciate you taking the time to review the last gallery [bTEXTURES/b] and they like to give as well as receive constructive feedback from members.
Earlier CHALLENGE Galleries have to be removed on a rota basis to make room as we run out of space as new pics come in! I keep them there as long as i can .

NB Please also send me any pics (not too many!!!) that you take on our communal walks from now on. I am adding them to the "Members' Lockdown Walks" gallery which is a sub gallery under Members.