The new MONTHLY CHALLENGE is being generated to build on the enthusiasm of members during forced Covid Lockdown to learn new skills and show their work to colleagues for comment. The CHALLENGES will be posted on the last Friday of every month. Challenges will be organised in pairs so that for month 1 the focus will be on Portraits and Landscapes and then month 2 will focus upon Creative and Technical aspects. Thereafter they will alternate.

Members are invited[b by the last Thursday of every calendar month] to take on the two photographic challenges as posted on the last Friday of the previous month, By 6pm on the last Thursday to submit their two best images in each to be displayed in a Gallery with that month's name attached.

In the month following the submissions for each challenge:
1. Please take a moment to appreciate the work of members, and add constructive , helpful comments suggesting possible improvements VIA THE CONTACT US section by the last Thursday in the month (deadline 6pm). I will then upload all the comments on the Friday morning to feature in a RECENT NEWS under the Challenge header.
2. A new two Challenges will then be set every last Friday in the month

I hope that the photographers will benefit from this feedback as well as learn new skills from each of the challenges and continue to click away merrily!
DECEMBER Challenge IS A BIT DIFFERENT FROM THE NORMAL MONTHLY ONE YOU ARE USED TO It gives you a break from the normal themes, and photos must come to me earlier than the end of the month.

Ok so.......please critique the November Gallery and then get going with this :

On 17th December as Chair I shall be organising a fun Christmas Quiz evening on Zoom . You can all wear Christmas hats/jumpers and equip yourselves with an appropriate tipple and some festive nibbles. I shall have to trust you all to switch off all mobile phones and access to other internet, so you cannot cheat but that should be Ok shouldn't it?

All members attending will be randomly placed in a "Breakout Room" with ONE other person to form their quiz team. Obviously you will each need pencil and paper to record the answers on. You will work together to come up with the answers together. You will be able to communicate with the other person in the breakout room but not people in other breakout rooms, so you can discuss together your thoughts before deciding best answer!

There will be 5 rounds and all questions are somehow related to Photography.
We shall mark them round by round and keep a running total in the best quiz tradition!

The December Challenge is to provide me with material for one of the rounds.

So... by MONDAY December 14th 6pm, EVERY PERSON ATTENDING THE QUIZ MUST (secretly) SEND ME:

2 PHOTOS , each of which will illustrates a different, reasonably well known but not too obvious, Christmassy, POEM/SONG/CAROL

Save the file in jpeg with YOUR name and the song/poem/carol that it represents and I will organise it so that no pair gets to answer their own 4 photos but have a stab at all the rest.


I hope it will be a fun evening that will bring to a close a very different calendar year in which much has changed but much remains the same. Photography has kept me going, and running the website, walks and challenges has kept my mind off all the things I have missed i hope its helped you too in some small way.

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