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A dip into Jane Tearle's archives.

Dorchester Camera Club's Jane Tearle, Cerne Abbas' Chronicler supreme, shows us her views of the world near and far.
The last meeting in November, before Christmas activities and midwinter competitions begin to occupy our thoughts, featured an entertaining presentation by Dorchester Camera Club’s Jane Tearle, who treated us to a dip into her extensive, photographic catalogues. Well known in the beautiful hills and valleys of her native Dorset, Jane describes herself as “a walker with a camera”, and proved beyond doubt that she is rarely out without it! Armed with little more than a rucksack and the necessary, and often accompanied by a dog, Jane captures the infinite variety of things that catch her eye, delightfully recording village life and traditional characters of the Cerne Valley as faithfully as the ice capped splendour of the Himalayas, the rugged landscapes of South America, and the characteristics of the people from all over the world that she has met on her extensive travels.

Jane takes pictures for herself, but many enjoy her work, and she enjoys success at a high level with her images. She shared a large selection with us, with a relaxed and informative commentary that took us far and wide to the festivals and celebrations that catch her experienced eye, and the landscapes that she loves. In far flung lands the radiant blues of the glaciers and the ice floes contrasted with the barren rock formations of Antelope Canyon. She plays with the visual delights of the patterns and the textures of the ice and the sandstone in the same way that she records the peeling paint and brickwork of the London streets, and makes abstracts from the double exposures using the Sculptures by the Lake in rural Dorset. Although recent presenters have also taken us to Ladakh, with its monks and monklets, prayer stones and tethered goats, so favoured by the many who take the photographic tours, Jane’s eye for the details of the beads and the bangles, as well as her talent for engaging with the locals, meant that we saw them with fresh eyes, and a different perspective.

The “Memorable Days” part of her programme took us from the Tudor experience at Kentwell Hall with its musicians and glass blowers, on a taxi tour of Mandalay, that captured gold leaf beaters and wood carvers who matched and mirrored the skills on show at the annual, Bank Holiday, Dorset Oak Fair at Stock Gaylard. There really was something for everyone, and it was an evening that left us wondering why all communities are not as pro-active as those in the village of Cerne Abbas, where they clearly enjoy life to the full, and where all is faithfully recorded by their officially appointed Chronicler.

Next week club member, Jane Lewis, takes the stage and leads an evening for the first time. On the following Tuesday, 10th December, some members will be travelling to Bleadon for a light hearted social evening with a bit of a competition with a number of clubs on the other side of Somerset.

Jenny Short