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Bill Collett on a winning streak!

Bill Collett takes the honours in both he final Colour and Monochrome Competitions of 2019.
Members welcomed back judge Keith Spicer for the final Open Print Competition of 2019. His personal experience and expertise, derived from the darkrooms of the 60s ,and the technology of modern day photography, was considerable, and he made it clear from the beginning that his perception of his role in the evening, beyond that of judge, was to provide helpful feedback that would take us forward in our photography. He certainly stuck to that aim, with critical analysis and honest appreciation that was both refreshing and encouraging.

Keith’s comments featured on the technicalities of composition and exposures, and he paid particular attention to accurate and effective focusing according to desired effect and a need for sharpness in the form. A fan of “less is more” his eye was drawn to the minimalist and the unusual in both colour and monochrome sections, and Bill Collett and Jill Toman were most successful with 4 and 5 of their 6 prints respectively taking honours.

In the Colour section Jill’s “Marrakech Alleyway” and Bill’s “Sam in Hat” were Highly Commended and Graham Nicholls’ “Tackle Him” and “An Irate Frontiersman”, together with Ivy Goatcher’s “Riverside” and “A Bit of Nonsense” were Commended. 3rd place went to Jill Toman with “Boats at Lymington”, whilst her “Bringing in the Catch at Kep” was placed 2nd. It was Bill Collett, however that took 1st place with his lovely portrait of “Dolly”.

Jill Toman was again Highly Commended with her “Muslim Lady” and “Chesil Beach at Portland” mono prints ,and Bill Collett was Commended for his “Derelict Garage” together with Suzanne Ladd for “Desert Landscape” and Jenny Short for her “Hand Blown, Rim Lit” image of simple glassware. Jenny also took equal 3rd place in the section for her “Basket Weaver”, sharing the honours with Jill Toman’s “Hound Tor, Dartmoor”. Graham Nicholls took 2nd place with his “Penny for your Thoughts” image, taken at the recent practical evening. Bill Collett again took 1st place with his very simplistic and evocative “Line” image.

Although the number of entries overall were down from the normal, Keith was impressed with the quality on show, and was keen to spend the second half of a very enjoyable evening taking us forward in our ability to “See in Black and White” in which through an effective short presentation, featuring both the inspiration of Ansel Adams, and examples from his own work, he explored the effects that were possible in terms of shape, line and textures when colour was excluded, and the eye was trained to see. Keith was warmly thanked for his insightful comments, and will certainly be welcomed back in the future. Next week Jane Tearle from the Dorchester Camera Club will lead the evening with a talk entitled “A Dip Into my Archive”.

Jenny Short