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Bill Collett returns in style!

A wealth of talents exposed in an evening of fun.
Bill Collett led an evening at NRPS that was both interesting and entertaining as he treated us to the visual delights of his recent photographic exploits. During a couple of relaxed and sociable hours, we learned a little bit more about what makes long-standing member, Bill tick in this context.

We see that he gets out and about a lot at local events, and has a passion for capturing the explosive exchanges at gatherings of the Sealed Knot, as well as the all-enveloping steam and smoke at the Dorset Steam Fair and local railway stations. He experiments with slow shutter speeds to produce some interesting effects at tumbling waterfalls, and then puts these skills to good effect on Paddington Station where ghostly figures appear to haunt the platforms.

A man of many talents, Bill is a fan of tricks of the trade, and his photos of the aerial acrobatics recording those of the death-defying cyclists at local events, do not belie the fact that he has a few of his own up his sleeve! A trio of flying geese complete with egg cosy hats, together with a number of arty treatments and special effects were a tribute to his skills in Photoshop, whilst his photos of bees and watchful herons, together with studies of deer in the grounds of the Alexandra Palace are evidence of his less known interest in wildlife
Bill’s lively comments reflect his ever present, wry humour, and he raised our spirits on a chilly and damp November evening. Many spirits were further raised in at least one half of the audience, who revelled in his fascinating studio shots of a series of attractive models, posing with props of umbrellas and hats, crystal balls and sunglasses, as well as with Tarot Cards and climbing ropes. We similarly enjoyed his (slightly less revealing) portrait shots of the Notting Hill Carnival, richly accompanied by kebabs and cocktails, colourful chillies as well as the delights of the sizzling Jerk Chicken. However, it is Bill’s love of reflections in all he surveys, that never fails to impress. Time spent with friends in London regularly takes him to the steps and scenes of the Southbank, where architecture and water are captured in all their glory, and where the buildings of the Barbican towering above him, provide ample inspiration for the reflections and the converging lines he craves. It was good to have him fully recovered from the flu-like symptoms that recently laid him low, and to appreciate the return of his whacky humour and warm presence.

Next week the November Open Print Competition, the final one in 2019, will be judged by Keith Spicer, after which our thoughts will turn to an upcoming competition at Bleadon, and our entries for Picture of the Year, due to be handed in in January.

Jenny Short