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Pedal Power by Suzanne Ladd

It's Competition time again!

Success for Suzanne and Jenny in "Wheels" digital competition.
The judge for our DPI Competition “Wheels”, Pip Rabbitts from Frome Selwood Camera Club, is always warmly welcomed for her helpful and constructive comments, and we gathered in numbers to hear what she thought of our efforts. Recently joined members returned again, and we welcomed another one on a first of what we hope will become many visits. Efforts to get to grips with the controls on the powerful projector we bought last year have eventually paid off thanks to Dan’s persistence and superior technical knowledge. We now know out digital images will be shown at high resolutions and at a quality level they truly deserve.

Competition entries benefitted from the improvements made and the evening was both entertaining and informative, with Pip’s well prepared critiques enthusiastically received. There were many interpretations of the theme ranging from Prayer Wheels to Big Wheels but it was evident that summer trips to the Speedway, the recent Tour of Britain round Bristol and the Ladies’ trip to Newcastle had provided a wealth of subject matter in both colour and monochrome classes. Pip appreciated them all, but was clearly looking for something beyond the obvious technically correct for signs of the photographer’s artistic eye and creative spirit. Members did not disappoint, and the eventual, worthy winners in both categories used colour, motion, reflection and action to good effect so that the images that were placed stood out from the crowd for all to see.
In the colour section Ivy Goacher and Janice Cuer were Commended for their respective “Speedway” and “Spare Wheel” , and Janice was also rewarded with Highly Commended for her “Reflection” together with Jane Richardson’s rendering of “Orange Wheels” from the Newcastle trip. 3rd place went to Diana Walker’s well timed “Speedway Wheely” and 2nd place was awarded to Graham Nicholls capture of cyclists “On the Move”. Suzanne Ladd was not there to see her creative and somewhat abstract “Pedal Power” take 1st place in the section , but it was a well deserved win.

A slightly reduced entry in the monochrome section saw success for both Diana Walker and Ivy Goatcher with their respective “Speedway” and “Hard Going” images, both of which were Commended. Suzanne Ladd dominated the score sheet with her Highly Commended images “Fairground Wheel” and “Wheels and Spokes”, Graham Nicholls’ “Bent and Twisted” image of bicycle parts came 3rd, and Bill Collett’s “Abandoned Wheels” took 2nd place . It was Jenny Short’s image entitled “Out of the Dust” that caught Pip’s eye for its zoom burst treatment in post production, and earned 1st place in the section.

Next week members will be viewing the winning images in the annual WCPF Travelling Print Portfolio looking for tips and inspiration, and the following week will be the deadline to hand in the next competition entries entitled “ DPI Architecture”.

Jenny Short 21.09.18