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An evening coloured YELLOW with WINGS!

New month , new members and new motivations.
The first meeting after the summer break was very well attended by existing members , and through the website we had also managed to attract two new members whom we were more than pleased to welcome. The evening was buzzing with news of photographic activities since the last time we all met, as well as tales of the opportunities taken to record the action in the third stage of the Round Britain Cycle Tour that invaded the local area at speed in the week. The actual focus of the evening was to show examples of photographs on the two themes of “Yellow” and Wings”.

As always, members interpreted the themes from their own perspectives and interests. Whilst “Yellow” yielded a host of flower and garden images, there was a plethora of other street furniture and environmental yellow on show, both in towns and wider landscapes. Suzanne Ladd showcased her efforts to practise creating mono images with a splash of colour- in this case yellow. This gave us all food for thought as this is a technique we will need to develop to provide images for one of the Tri -Battle competitions next year with Frome clubs.
The subject of “Wings” brought forth a host of wildlife images from birds in flight to those wallowing in water or fighting for territorial rights. It and also included some highly competent images of Mayflies and butterflies as well as bees. The recent ladies’ trip to Newcastle gave rise to images of the towering wings of the Angel of the North under dramatic skies, whilst local air shows provided the opportunity for photographing aircraft old and new.

It was a good start to the new season, and we look forward to a “Show Your Own” session next Thursday that hopefully will give us a chance to get to know our new members’ interests as well as remind us of the inherent talents of the more established.

Entries are now closed for the upcoming DPI competition entitled “Wheels” which will be judged on 20th September. All members were reminded to start their preparations for the annual Exhibition that will take place on October 27th, and also to think about updating their own galleries on the website in the spirit of refreshment and revitalisation that seems to currently prevail!

Jenny Short 07.09.18