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May Open Print Competition judged.

Curvy Buildings and Tulips in the Sun win the honours this month
Steve Hallam of the Reflex Camera Club in Bristol judged the final Open Print Competition before the summer programme of visits and events gets underway. Prints entered for the May Open were many and varied featuring the full range of genre that included landscape, street scenes,abstracts, portraiture and still life. As such, the entries really showed of the many talents and interests of members, and the judge found it hard to fault us on our technical skills.

Steve confessed that he was not a fan of floweres in monochrome,”stuff hanging down” in landscapes or over egging motion using big stoppers. His comments reflected this to a degree but did not overly influence his judgements, nor did it prevent Ivy Goacher claiming 3rd place in the Monochrome Competition with her “Fast Flowing Waters”.
Steve gave some really helpful feedback that often urged us to go back and have another go where possible to try out some of the suggestions made, or when in doubt to just simplify an image. It was a relaxed, enjoyable evening, with much to celebrate in terms of quality.

In the monochrome Competition Suzanne Ladd, Jenny Short and Ivy Goacher were commended, whilst Diana Walker, Jill Toman and Suzanne Ladd achieved Highly Commended. Jill Toman won the class with her “Curvy Building” and her “Temples of Began” was placed 2nd. Ivy Goacher’s “Fast running water” was 3rd.

The Colour Print Competition was won by Jane Richardson with her “Tulips in the setting sun” and she was placed 3rd with her rendidtion of a rugby scrum entitled “Heat of the Battle”. Diana Walker was placed 2nd with “Little Owl”. Jill Toman was Highly Commended as was and Jenny Short for both “Field Fare in the Snow” and “Colours Rising” . Janice Cuer was commended and Jill Toman was also Commended for two further entries to complete what was a highly successful evening for her in particular.
Next week’s meeting features another member of the Reflex Club, Simon Caplan, with a presentation entitled “Extraordinary/Ordinary” which , given his reputation as a very creative Still Life and Abstract photographer, promises to inspire a few future entries in club competitions!
Jenny Short 18.05.18