Club AGM

Mike Witcombe stands down as long serving Secretary
One would expect the Annual General Meetings held by organisations to be fairly uneventful, run of the mill occasions, at which the necessary business was concluded as soon as possible, agreements and arrangements duly noted and paperwork refiled for the records. As AGMs go, that of the NRPS, held on 29th March, might only have been remarkable in that it had been postponed because of heavy snow some two weeks previously, and as such it might have passed unnoticed. However, this AGM stood out as a particularly memorable occasion because Mike Witcombe stood down as the very long standing Club Secretary.

Husband to our Chair, Margot, Mike has had a long association with the club and given over forty years of “behind the scenes” service to an organisation that continues to thrive, and to serve the local community of enthusiasts well. We were reminded that in the past, when membership dwindled and the future of the organisation was in doubt, it was Mike who stepped up and invested the necessary time and effort to turn its fortunes around. There are many people locally who have benefited from the Photographic Society whilst Mike has been Secretary. He has worked tirelessly to secure speakers, generate enthusiasm for Club Competitions and to whip up motivation for Inter Club Competitions as well as championing his own particular interest in portrait and glamour photography.

The Witcombes have been a driving force at the club since it began, and for many years they struggled to get busy members to take on more responsibility. Happily in the past three years Mike’s efforts to devolve the leadership have born fruit, and the committee is now highly active and enthusiastic, the club is buzzing with new ideas, and membership is increasing. Taking over as Secretary, Jill Toman joked that whilst she was unable to guarantee that she too would be in post in forty years, she would do her best to fill Mike’s shoes. Mike was warmly thanked for his continuing support for the Society, and we all hope his considerable knowledge and insight will continue to influence its direction for many years to come.

Jenny Short April 2018