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A year of photography with Suzanne Ladd

An eye for the detail!
Long standing club member, Suzanne Ladd, hosted our most recent meeting and took us on a whistle stop tour of the world with her “Year with my Camera” presentation. Renowned for the diversity of the images she produces, Suzanne remained true to her passions, and we were treated to a medley of colours, shapes and forms that have caught her ever watchful eye in the last twelve months.

Suzanne has travelled extensively both at home and abroad, alone and with friends, and we enjoyed the colourful images she created of India, with its people and scenery, the delights of Croatia as well as, the more familiar to most, images of Spain and Italy. These transported us to warmer climes, and as always, included the inevitable catalogue of footwear worn by the natives that always fascinates Suzanne so much and features in her work. Suzanne helpfully punctuates her presentations with tips and insights into how she processes her more artistic rendering of images to produce patterns in abstractions.

Closer to home, travelling by bike and sometimes by bus, Suzanne included scenes of the Outer Hebrides, local vineyards and villages such as Wallingford close to the towering spires of academia in Oxford. She captured the reflections in the steel and glass buildings that are now so typical in cities such as Birmingham and Liverpool, and kept us entertained with tales of characters encountered along the way. The exuberant gentleman with his dog on a bus near Maidstone who sang to her, the mud steeped, strangely attired crowds involved in the Appleby Horse Fair, and the gracious interiors of stately homes and castles caught Suzanne’s artistic eye equally, and captured our attention in an evening that we all enjoyed. She rounded off her talk with a short audio visual presentation of the Bath Christmas Market, which, although somewhat out of season, raised our spirits and sent us on our way, with a warm glow, into a very frosty night.

At the AGM that takes place on Thursday March 1st the committee will seek to enthuse and activate members with a new programme and fresh ideas for the coming months. Watch the website for details of the activities and events, and to browse the images produced by our talented members. Thursday 1st is also the date for submissions for March Open Print Competition which will again stimulate some healthy rivalry and inspire us to keep on clicking!
Jenny Short
23rd February 2018