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Jill's Travels

A geographer with a camera takes to the hills!
Jill Toman’s travels were the subject focus of our club evening this week and it was an evening of contrasts that beautifully showcased the sweeping landscapes of middle America and the narrow streets and painted chapels of the lesser known Greek Islands.

Always active in far-flung lands, and just returned from a skiing holiday, Jill first took us with her on a stunning photographic round trip from Las Vegas that wound through the Canyons at the heart of the American West. As a geologist Jill’s fascination with the rocks of ages, revealed by the elements and carved by the rivers, shone through her work. Her lively explanations of the processes that provided herself and her fellow travellers with such inspiration and opportunities to learn new skills, kept us riveted, as did her accounts of hair raising descents from towering Mesas at the hands of an Indian guide! The light and the colour that abounds at dawn and dusk in these stunning venues was skilfully captured and expertly illustrated in a collection of photographs that reminded us why Jill’s landscape photography is so successful.

Slightly less hair raising escapades on the ferries and trails that took Jill on a walking holiday in the Greek Islands last May were the focus of the second half of the evening. Again the choice of destination was influenced by a geological and geographical background. Jill and her fellow travellers explored the remains of the rim of an ancient volcanic eruption that dominates the landscapes in the islands. They also enjoyed the hospitality to be found in the tiny villages and towns that cling to the steep cliffs, and rise above tiny, almost inaccessible harbours in modern times. Iconic blues and gleaming whites, so typical of Greece, provided the backdrop to the vibrant Bouganvillea in full bloom in May and the odd donkey provided welcome relief from some of the climbs. Again, Jill’s love of the landscape and all it offers under a range of skies was very evident as is her enduring passion for all things rocky.

Jenny Short 26th January 2018